I'm Back!

Monday, May 8, 2017

I'm finally back!

Hey friend's! It feels so good to be back on here blogging & sharing my love for home with you. Why haven't I blogged in a hot minute you ask? Well, after my last post in November, yes November, I linked my blog in an instagram post & it for some reason (still have no idea why) blocked me from adding my blog to a post & to link it in my bio. I know most of you are coming here from my instagram jessicahucker so I tried getting in touch with instagram to fix this issue so I could share with you (if you've tried to get a hold of instagram before, you know that's pretty much impossible... I sent them emails after emails after emails & nothing...grrr insta!), & after not getting an answer to my issue I was kinda at a lost as to what to do. I didn't think anyone would see these post if I wasn't sharing it on insta...
Over these past months, I went back & forth whether or not to just make a whole new blog, but I really didn't want to do that. So I waited...
Then one day last week, it was like the heavens gates opened.. I've been seeing a few other bloggers linking their blogs on instagram with linktree , maybe I should try that I thought...!
 & here we are! It worked! My blog is now linked again in my insta bio!!! YAY! Thank you link tree! If any of you are having the same issues I was having, definitely check out linktree & thank me later!

So whats next for me?! Sharing more of my home with you lovely people of course! If you've been with me awhile then you know we moved into our little cottage last fall & I'm still working everyday to make it feel like home! I've been doing some projects in the dining room that I will be sharing on here in a few days, so please make sure to come back & check out what I've been up to in there!
Here's just a little peek!

& a look at the family room that I like to call the forever changing room!! I'll be sharing details in there as well this week! 

Okay friends, thank you for stopping by, see you in a few days! In the meantime, come say hi to me on instagram! Hope you each have a wonderful week!

Thanksgiving Tablescape

November 22, 2016

Neutral Thanksgiving Tablescape

Growing up I always went to my Aunt Roses farmhouse on Thanksgiving, her farmhouse was over 200 years old & was so amazingly beautiful & has some amazing history. (I may do a whole blog post on that later & share some photos, she has some awesome stories too!). I loved that old house so much...the house was always so warm & cozy & she always had the best feast. I have so many good memories at that house not only at Thanksgiving, but year round too. They sold the farmhouse a few years back, but that will always be the Thanksgiving house to me. 
Since joining the military & getting married, we've only been home for one Thanksgiving since. I get so home sick at this time of year, but I do all that I can to make our home feel warm & cozy like Aunt Roses! Although its just my hubby & I, I cook & deck the halls out like we're having a party for 50! I know I go a little over board, but when my husband tells me how much he appreciates how I go all out for holidays, it truly makes my day & makes it well worth it. I hope that when we have our babies one day, they will have that same warm & cozy feeling that I always had at Aunt Roses.

I thought it would be fun to dress the table with you & show you each step as I go!
Here's how the dining room looked before I got started. 

Not so cute, but it will be soon! I started by adding a white tablecloth. I will be adding a few different layers & textures & wanted a solid starting point.

Next a lace tablecloth from H&M from a few years back, but a vintage one would be AMAZING.

& next a linen table runner from Homegoods, again from a few years back. I really shopped around the house this year for a lot of the items! 

I still haven't found our plate chargers from the move, but was wanting new ones anyways, so I went out this past weekend to look for some & totally forgot...oh well! So at this point you can add your chargers, mine won't have any this year! hehe! So skipping the chargers, I next added the dinner plates.

Then the napkins.

Next I added my ikea saucer plates.

Now for some color. On the two ends I wanted to do it a little different than the four middle settings, so I used two small bowls & added a gala apple in each. & placed flatware pouches on the four middles settings. 

These adorable flatware pouches I picked up at World Market (this year) for 20% off $12.99 for a set of four. Thought that was an awesome price.

I got new drinking glasses this year as well from dollar tree! Yes, these gorgeous glasses were only $1 each & I think they're simply perfect!

Here's the silverware in the cute pouches!

Now to the fun stuff! I wanted this big gorgeous soft orange color pumpkin to be my centerpiece. I just love the color of this beauty so much.

I found this burlap ribbon laying round & added it to the center to tie in with the burlap pouches.

I love these greenery branches, I use them year round in so many different ways. I got them at Michaels a few years ago, but they always have very similar ones out! Best time to check for them is early Spring!

Next is my favorite thing ever to decorate with, CANDLES!!! I love them! You will never enter our home without a candle burning. Everything about them screams cozy to me.

I wanted to add more reds, oranges & yellows so I added these faux apples from World Market. Wish I had more real gala apples, but didn't. These worked perfect though!

I always have a cozy throw blanket & pillow on our two end chairs. This gather pillow adds that perfect cozy touch.

Okay, its time to light those candles.

& here is our table complete...

I love how our Thanksgiving tablescape turned out & I think Aunt Rose would love it too. Thank you so much for stopping by my little blog & watching me decorate our cozy little dining room. I'm so beyond thankful for each of you & I hope you each have the best Thanksgiving day ever! 
Come stop by instagram & chat with me, 

Love, Jessica
Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Early Fall Dining Room

I've talked about my dining table a few times on instagram, its one of my favorite items in our home. Our table was the first item my husband & I purchased together when we got married. We found it while out junkin' & only paid $60 for it, (plus six chairs that we sold on craigslist years back). I get the urge to buy a new table every so often, but I don't think I could give this one up. It holds so many special memories & for that, I love it.

Because of my love for this table, the dining room is one of my favorite spots to decorate. We added some massive shelves to the back wall, we don't have much wall room, our home is an open layout & I needed to take full advantage of this long wall. I actually still have two more shelves that I'm still trying to decide if I want to add...we will see! 

With these shelves up, it allows for so much more room to add decor. 

Do you have a Rae Dunn obsession? Yeah, me too... I can't stop. Her new pumpkin spice mug is everything. & can we take a second to talk about the new bowls...I NEED. I can't find them anywhere...crying face!

Our table setting looks like this at the moment, but not for long. I do love the way this looks, but I want to cozy it up even more now that its getting cooler outside. I will be sharing soon how I change this area!

Do you decorate for fall or just move right into spooky halloween decor? I would love to know, leave a comment here or on instagram 
I will be adding some spooky fun around our home very soon & will share! 
Thank you for coming back to my little blog to see how our dining room is looking right now! I'm always changing things up & will share it all right here so make sure you stop back by again soon! 
Have a wonderful day friends!

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